Career Day Wed. May 23!

Career Day:  a career speakers day during which students hear about different professions, as told by real live parents. All students rank speakers in advance and are assigned classrooms.  Teachers monitor each classroom.

This event includes the entire student body and helps to give students an understanding of the many career paths available to them. The 2018 event will be held on Wed. May 23!career job

Each speaker will present in the early afternoon for three 40-minute presentations to the SHMS students during school hours.

A luncheon is also provided as a thank-you to our speakers. Donations of food, beverages, and help with set-up and clean-up will be needed on that day.  Our luncheon is coordinated by parents who will set up a signup genius form for parents when we get closer to the date. To volunteer with speakers’ lunch or coordination please contact Alicia  Kelly.   

Speaker Choices:

1. Actor/ Actress

Explore the wonderful world of acting, directing and producing with professional actress and educator.   We will talk about the many different and exciting opportunities in film/tv/theatre.  We will also do acting exercises and improvisation in this fun interactive session.

2. Special Agent, FBI

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at the world’s premier law enforcement organization? We will discuss what a job in the FBI entails and what it takes to experience a career like no other.

3. Police Officer, Chief of Police

Learn about a career in law enforcement.

4.  Entrepreneur, Art Gallery Owner, Documentary Filmmaker

After making television documentaries for 15 years, I switched careers and opened an art gallery in Philadelphia featuring artists from around the world.  Come hear about careers in the visual arts, what drove my career change decision, and how I have made these unique paths in the arts work for me!

5. Estate Sales, Estate Sales Firm

I run an estate sale company.  Primarily what my company does is clear out other people’s homes when they are getting ready to sell them.  We have to dig through attics, basements, closets and more.  And yes, we often find some interesting things!  Then we set up all the valuable items to be sold s.

6. Educational Television and Games, PBS KIDS

Have you ever wondered how your favorite educational kids’ TV shows and games are made? Did you even know you were learning from them? I will take you on my journey from teacher, to researcher, to director of curriculum and content for a major children’s television network. Hear about the role I play in helping kids learn through fun and engaging shows and games.

 7. Marketing, Director of Digital Strategy & Solutions, Wawa

Showcase of the different steps in my career from designer to creative director to business owner to head of digital marketing for Wawa.

8. Professional Sports Team Executive,Philadelphia Union

I would present on what it is like to be an executive for a professional sports team, in particular the Philadelphia Union. A significant portion of my job involves finance but it stretches into all aspects of team and stadium operations, including stadium construction and what it is like to start a professional sports team. I have been involved with the Philadelphia Union from the beginning (I was the third employee hired during start up in 2008). I am flexible in terms of my topic and can tailor the discussion in whatever direction you believe the students would be interested in.

9. Lighting Designer/Sales,  Digital Filaments

A long-time expert in traditional and LED lighting, Mr. Hodges started a business in Swarthmore to design and sell digital lighting for anything and everything.  His business is currently working on architectural lighting projects as close to home as the recent lighting improvements at Strath Haven condominiums to as far away a the US Embassy in Djibouti.  This is the story of a young local business being born into an industry that is changing how we see the world.

10. Attorney, Labor Relations Lawyer

My job is to protect workers’ rights to join together in a union so they can try to make their working conditions and pay better.  If someone is fired from their job, I speak with them and see if we can help them get their job back.  I meet with workers from many different companies and jobs.

11. Military Career/National Park Ranger  Independence National Historical Park

Sign up for this session if you’d like to hear more about what it’s like to serve in the military.  You’ll hear about the different military branches, length of service commitments, how the Reserves and National Guard are different from active duty and attending a service academy after high school.

Would you like a job preserving valuable natural resources, historic buildings, or artifacts, so they can be enjoyed by future generations?  How about telling our nation’s story or sharing amazing places at Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Gettysburg, the Grand Canyon, or the Hawaiian volcanoes?  Come find out about how rangers from the National Park Service serve in these awesome places!


12. Management, Tosoh Pharmaceutical

How to Manage People in a Workplace?

Managing people in work place is not an easy task. With more than 15 years of managing people in different fields, I have gained some experience – good or bad – they are very helpful. A manager’s job is to get the job done – how? that’s a mystery – relates to a personal skill too. A manager’s job to retain the skilled person happy so that s/he doesn’t quit. How? that’s a mystery too. Does this appear interesting to you? if so please attend my talk – I would appreciate sharing my thoughts with you.

13. Social Work/Mental Health Therapy/Public Service

Social Work, Mental Health Therapist/Councilwoman: Have you ever wondered about types of education and careers that lead people to become council members, mayors, and other representatives?  I will speak on how social work prepared me for my day job as a mental health therapist at a high school, and how it guides my work as an elected official on Swarthmore Borough Council.  If you are interested in a career that helps create positive change for people and communities, this presentation will explore one path to get there.


14. Physical Therapist

Want to have fun, help people, win a t shirt, own your own business, learn about the secret of success? Come learn about your future as a physical therapist and business ownership.

Employment of physical therapists is projected to grow 25 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. (US Dept of Labor)

 15. Landscaping

Understand the responsibilities and benefits of owning your own business while still being able to work outdoors!

16. Entrepreneurship/Martial Arts/Special Needs Education

Topics include entrepreneurship, martial arts, teaching special needs students, women’s self-defense, exercise, sports, owning and running your own business, importance of a good education, marketing for small businesses and student interaction/feedback and questions.

17. Radiologist, Pediatric Neuroradiologist

Various modalities of Radiology; X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MR, PET/CT; Examples of common adolescent conditions diagnosed with imaging modalities

 18. Electrician, President, IBEW

Beginning in 1985 I entered an IBEW Electrical Apprenticeship with The Chester Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. I completed my course study and 8000 on the job training in 1989. Since that time, I have worked in the Electrical Construction Industry as a Journeyman Electrician and Foreman on both commercial and industrial projects. I have worked on various projects in the five-county area that include: Boeing Helicopters, Monroe Refinery, Harrah’s Casino, Sunoco Logistics Terminal in Marcus Hook, GSK Pharmaceuticals, SAP America, Riddle Hospital, Crozer Chester Hospital and various high school and elementary school projects. I have also worked on projects in cities such as Pittsburgh, Allentown, Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ.  My career in the electrical trade has enabled me to purchase my home and provide for my family.  I have also traveled throughout the United States in my career as an officer with IBEW Local Union 654.

19. Advertising

Are you creative?  Do you like to use your imagination?  Then you may want to be an advertising writer.  People in advertising are always looking for the “big idea.”  Who knows, maybe you’ll write a Super Bowl commercial some day and get to see it while you watch the game!

20. Social Scientist, Professor, Social Science

Relationships, communities and food

Do you ever wonder why you decide to eat food even though you might not be that hungry, or why supermarkets are in some areas and not others? How about farms? Is the food at local farms for sale in our stores? Why or why not? Social scientists ask these questions and more. If you’re interested in how communities, people and the healthy and unhealthy things we do come to be, check out this session.

21. Scientist/Biologist

I am a biological scientist at University of Pennsylvania. I run a science lab, where we do research to figure out how genes work. Genes are molecules that make up instructions for all the different traits and functions of our bodies. In our lab, we do experiments to find out how genes turn on and off. This is important because in diseases like cancer, genes are not turned on or off properly. As scientists, we get to find new things that no one has ever found before and help improve human health!

22. Finance,  Equity Analyst,

Finance and the Stock Market: Students will learn how to invest in and buy stocks by playing a stock market game!

23. Digital Marketing Specialist

Join a talk about, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and  what part today’s environment plays in the marketing field.

24. Sports Writing, Freelance Sportswriter

I am a full time freelance sportswriter based mostly in the Philadelphia market. I have more than 27 years of experience since graduating from Syracuse University in 1991. I covered the Philadelphia Eagles this season, which was quite a unique experience. I have worked for newspapers and Websites in other cities through the years and I have covered some of the greatest events in the world of sports — the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup playoffs, World Series and the Final Four.

25. Veterinarian

Are you interested in what goes on in a veterinary hospital? Today’s veterinarians do much more than just give shots.  With the use of much of the same high-tech equipment as human hospitals, veterinary medicine and surgery go to a whole new level.

26. Visual Artist and Teacher

Finding the artist within: becoming a visual artist

Why do some people choose to make a life creating pictures?  I’ve created works for fine art venues, commercial use, and portraits for individuals, corporations and institutions. The images I produce grow out of the great western tradition of realist painting. For me, well-crafted images can have a strong impact on any viewer, and, they can make a positive difference in the lives of the people who see and use them.

27. Educator,  Assistant Principal, Strath Haven High School

This presentation will describe the role of people working in public education and what it takes to become an educator.  Being an educator is more than just teaching – this presentation will explore the different opportunities to become a public educator and give you an opportunity to try it out.

28. Entrepreneurship: How to Follow Your Dream

Are you a DREAMER? CREATIVE? INNOVATIVE? Not sure of the steps you need to take to FOLLOW your DREAMS? Follow this personal story on how she followed her dreams as a publicist for DJ Jazzy Jeff and Professional Athletes for many years.  She will help students understand their passion and how to pursue their DREAMS.  The students will create vision boards as a method to help them visually determine their short and long-term goals.

29. Instructor, Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Ventilation

I will give an overview of the trade and what you can do with it. I will talk about DCTS program and how it help get you started in the right direction.

30. Advertising and Graphic Arts Instructor

This presentation will cover careers in Advertising and Graphic Arts as well as highlighting where  opportunities in these fields overlap.