6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

The following is a list of supplies needed for incoming 6th graders.

Language Arts (red)

  •  one 1 ½ or 2 inch binder (filled with loose leaf paper)
  •  red pocket folder (heavy vinyl or plastic, three-hole punched recommended)
  •  two highlighters (yellow)
  • one pack of 3 x 5 note cards
  • one box of colored pencils (to be kept in the LA classroom)
  • pencils, pencils, pencils! ☺

Social Studies (blue)

  • one 1-subject notebook
  • blue pocket folder (heavy vinyl or plastic recommended)
  • one ultra-fine tip black Sharpie
  • one fine-tip black Sharpie
  • one box of colored pencils

Science (white)

  • white one 1-subject notebook
  • white pocket folder (heavy vinyl or plastic recommended)

World Language/Other (green)

  • Spanish: 6th grade Spanish students should have a binder for Spanish class with 5 sections in it
  • French: folder and a notebook
  • German: a SEPARATE 1/2″ 3 ring binder, dividers, colored pencils
  • Chinese: three ring binder

Math (black)

  • a separate Math binder (1 ½ in. or 2 in. binder)
  • a BLACK pocket folder
  • a BLACK graph notebook (additional paper may be needed throughout the year)
  • pencils/erasers
  • 5 dividers with labels
  • Pencil pouch (large enough to hold calculator, ruler, and pencils/erasers)
  • Jumbo book cover (or paper bag is fine)
  • Any version of the TI 30 Scientific Calculator
  • Graph paper
  • Ruler

Health/Physical Education

  • a folder (student choice for color/design)
  • Official SHMS Physical Education T-Shirt
  • Athletic black shorts or black sweatpants (Designs are allowed on athletic wear.)

The School Store sells both the SHMS Physical Education T-Shirt and Black Athletic Shorts.


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