SHMS Home & School Volunteers Needed to Coordinate Spring Fundraisers

School Supply Fundraiser

  • Will be asked to work with 6th grade teachers to finalize list of school supplies for incoming 6th graders (in 2015)
  • Contact vendors (Staples, Barbara Briggs, others) to do a cost comparison of the best option for purchasing school supplies
  • Determine what is best combination of recyclable vs. cost appropriate supplies to be offered in kit
  • Coordinate advertising of kit with elementary schools


Pizza Bingo Fundraiser

  • Work with Home & School and SHMS to set date, price for admittance, and location
  • Coordinate promotion of event
  • Solicit prizes and baked goods
  • Coordinate pizza delivery
  • Possible DJ


Oasis After Dark Fundraiser

  • Oasis Family Fun Center (in Glen Mills) offers an event called “Oasis after Dark” for 6th – 8th grade students, which is offered on the 3rd Friday of each month during the school year from 8:30pm-10:30pm. For $20 per child, they provide unlimited admission to attractions, free video game play, a $5 fun card, pizza, drinks, music, games and prizes.
  • H&S will get $5 from each paid admission from our school. Venue holds up to 300 kids.
  • Work with Oasis, Home & School and SHMS to set date for our fundraiser
  • Coordinate promotion of event
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