HSA wants YOU to help with directory ad sales

The Home and School Association is looking for several parents to sell advertisement space in the school directory to be published this August.  We have a listing of email addresses and web pages for people/organizations/businesses that took out ads last year, so you just ask them if they’d like to list again.  Most say, “Yes!”, but not everyone responds so you’d also email (or call or visit) some additional people/businesses that operate in the area and might want to advertize to SHMS parents (send them a PDF of the graphic below so they know options).  For example, there are always new restaurants looking to get the word out, and you could reach out to them in some way.  It’s easy peasy and your efforts would be hugely helpful for the HSA fundraising efforts.  Would be truly wonderful if we had one parent from each of NPE, WES, SRS, School in Rose Valley … so that together you could cover the different geographic areas of the District.  Also would be ideal if there was one person on the ad sales team that could help out businesses that wanted to advertise but were graphically challenged (it happens).

Contact Barrie Spitaleri via SHMSReceivingTreasurer@comcast.net or call 484-620-4717 if you’re interested. Come on … you know you want to.

Strath Haven Student Directory Advertising Rates:

Full Page Ad – Outside Back Cover (Sold Out)   $400
Full Page Ad – Inside Back Cover (Sold Out)   $300
Full Page Ad – Inside Front Cover (Sold Out)    $300
Full Page Ad    $250
Half Page Ad    $150
Quarter Page Ad    $100
Business Card Ad (2 x 3.5)     $50



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