Traffic and parking during AM dropoffs

Mr Tagliaterra has asked: if you drop your kid off at school in the morning, please drive up near to the athletic field before letting him/her out so that the long line of cars behind you can better fit.  I.e., if you stop right at the school entrance (where your kid wants you to stop), then the vehicles behind you clog up Providence Road, creating a safety nightmare.

The school administration also wants to remind parents (1) to not park in the handicap spots (unless you have official handicapped tag, of course) and (2) to not park in the “5-10 min parking only” if your stay is likely to be longer than 10 mins.  If you park in the “5-10” spots, activate your emergency hazards.  Details here.

Finally, parents are urged to make only right-hand turns when exiting onto Providence Road.  The left-hand turns are too dangerous during the morning rush.

Left-turn only signage on Providence Road

FYI, this photograph was taken at 7:15 am.  That white car made a left-hand turn.

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