Home and School mtg Mar 6 @ 7pm

Strath Haven Middle SchoolMeeting tonight!!  In the library, as always.  All parents and guardians are invited to come participate or, if that’s too much commitment, to lurk.

On tonight’s agenda are positions for the coming school year.  If you might be interested in helping out, here’s the full roster of positions.

For me (dad of 8th grader), that means I need to find people to take over the roles listed below.  I think I’ve found some people (in green), and will hope they will send confirmation to Marj Hatzell or Mary Huff (our Co-Chairs).  Some of these jobs would benefit from multiple people being involved (e.g., Directory sales).

  1. Website/Facebook/publicity (see post that relates)
    Post items to website and to Facebook.  Part of job is to engage busy parents and guardians who tend not to read stuff.  Also, make posts with new parents (to District) in mind. Reach out to District elementary schools (and School in Rose Valley) on occasion.
  2. Directory editor (see posts that relate) –> Dora Preston
    Get contact information from District in August; ask parents (via MailChimp) to proof entries, send edits.  Send contact information and advertisements to printer to get Directories printed in time for Back to School Night in September.  You can ask printer to do layout (costs money), or you can do yourself.
  3. Directory advertisement sales (see posts that relate)
    Finalize ad prices before end of this school year.  During summer and fall, email/call/snailmail/visit all companies/organizations that advertised in previous year(s), ask if they want repeat ad.  Contact new companies, too, so that revenue stays same or higher.
  4. Directory sales @ Back to School Night (see posts that relate)
    Sit at table and take money from parents.  Watch out for parents who think they’re free.  Make signage for table.
  5. Box Tops for Education (see posts that relate) –> Michelle DeMoras
    Send in completed sheets.  Get parents to participate.
  6. Giant A+ Rewards Program (see posts that relate)
    Get parents to participate. Register school each year.
  7. Target Redcard Rewards Program (see posts that relate)
    Get parents to participate.  Maintain registration.

For all positions, it would be hugely helpful if you’d set yourself up with a user account on this site so you can make posts on behalf of your HSA position.  E.g., if you want to remind parents to bring $10 for a Directory at Back to School Night, you can do that.    You can either request an account via Meta field at bottom right, or just ask that I send an invite (just give me your email address).  This site is a WordPress blog — it’s easy peasy.

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