Freshmen orientation at the High School

2018-orientationLast week, High School principal Dr MaryJo Yannacone gave a preview to parents of the SHHS Class of 2018.  Primary topics were (1) mission statement, (2) the five As and student life, (3) how to get involved, and (4) student scheduling.  If for some reason you missed the event and want to see the details,  the slides are posted here (PDF).

See page 15 if you want to see the scheduling process dates.  See pages 28 and beyond for useful and/or funny advice from teachers and seniors.

If you have no intention of looking at the PDF, the really, really important part is that school starts September 2nd (get PDF of District calendar).  And if your kid is interested in a school sport, practices start August 11th.

Got questions?  The SHHS website has lots of FAQs and lots of staff contacts if you can’t figure it out.  And don’t forget to follow the hugely popular SHHS Home and School Association (or Like its Facebook page).  The Home and School Association site has a link page that lists unofficial websites of various teams, clubs, and departments … links you probably won’t find on the District site.

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