The Home and School Association’s budget pie

For fans of the Home and School Association and of pie, this post is for you: a breakdown of how we plan to allocate money to various projects this coming year. First the graph, then a short description of the projects for those interested in the details.


Teacher Start-up: Teachers are given a small amount for beginning-of-year purchases for their classrooms. This year it was $40 each teacher. Cash!
Library: Each year Home and School gives $1,000 for the purchase of new books for the school library.
Teacher Appreciation: Two events are held each year for teachers (and staff!). The first is the hot chocolate bar and breakfast in December, the second is a luncheon held in the spring.
Dimensions in Living: Dimensions in Living is SHMS-speak for “Career Day.”  But we do it even bigger. The funds go to the booklet produced for the day, for the lunch provided for speakers (who speak for free and give up their whole afternoon!), and for a small gift for each speaker.
Framing Student Artwork: Each year, certain student artwork is selected and framed to be hung around the school.
8th Grade Celebration: The 8th grade celebration is the dance held at the end of the year. We pay for beverages, food, and decorations.
Miscellaneous: Any item that is not earmarked comes out of Miscellaneous. It could be an unplanned assembly, a gift, or flowers for someone who is sick.
Grounds and Greens: The majority of the Grounds and Greens budget goes to maintaining the student garden behind SHMS.
Parent-Teacher Coffee: This is a monthly event that provides a food-based gathering for staff and parents.  Funds go for baking ingredients, coffee beans, creamers, cups, plates, and napkins.
Senior Awards: Each year, four HS Seniors who attended SHMS are awarded with a $50 award at graduation.
6th Grade Welcome: Before school starts, this 6th grade orientation day helps orient students to the new school. We provide a snack for them (pretzels, water ice).
Art Goes to School: Art Goes to School is a nonprofit foundation that brings artists into the school to discuss and present art and artists with students.
Media Youth Center Scholarship: Every year we provide a scholarship for a child to attend Media Youth Center to participate in sports.
Lunch Games and Equipment: We purchase board games, basketballs, Frisbees, and the like for recess time.
Pirello Award: Each year an exemplary student is chosen and awarded with a savings bond. They are not chosen by grades, rather, it is a character award.

We are a registered non-profit, by the way, so if you come into a large chunk of money and want to donate to a good cause and get a tax deduction, we’d love to hear from you.

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