Register your Giant rewards card today, not “later”

Last week we asked parents to designate SHMS as the recipient of the points earned on their Giant loyalty cards.  We are very proud (OK, very depressed) to announce that as of 9 am on Friday, Oct 4th, a total of six (6) families have signed up (that’s 0.8 % participation).  If you are part of one of the 714 families that hasn’t yet signed up, please consider clicking this link right now to do so.  All you need to know is your Giant rewards number.  To designate SHMS as the recipient, just search for “strath” to find our school (or type in 03867, our school code).

If you are reading this message on our Facebook page, please hit Share or at least Like so that others are more likely to see this message.  Also, if you are an influential member of your extended family or community, use your power to coerce others to designate the Middle School as their Giant rewards recipient, too.  If we can get a couple thousand families to sign up for this passive fundraiser, that’s potentially one less active fundraiser for all of us.

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