Box Tops form

Box tops form imageFor each completed Box Tops for Education form (box-tops-for-ed-shms.pdf) we send in, Strath Haven Middle School receives $5.  That’s good, easy money, and to start all you need to do is click on the image of the form and print.  Don’t wait to do it later, because chances are you won’t.  Now, please.  Next, task your family, relatives, and neighbors with giving you Box Tops.  Then glue to the sheets and send in with your child.  There is a folder at the Main Office where they get filed until we send them in as large pack.

Last year, one teacher completed 10 sheets on her own.   That’s a good target for each family to strive for, but you can do better, no doubt.  Put your family name on the sheet somewhere so we know who to single out for special thanks. If you really want to help, please consider pasting the URL of this post into your Facebook status and say, “Hey, friends, send me your Box Tops!”  Or send people the link if they have Facebook allergy but might have interest in helping our school.

So print the form out now, please.  As always, do it for the children.

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