Be active in passive fundraisers for Middle School

If you shop, you can help SHMS fundraise in four ways.

1. Giant A+ Rewards program

If you buy groceries at Giant, register your Rewards card here and designate the money should go to school 03867 (or you can search for Strath Haven Middle School).  If you don’t do these steps, they just keep your money.  If you shop at Giant but don’t have a Rewards card, please consider getting one — it’s painless.  You can keep the rewards number bar code on your smartphone, by the way — no need to carry around the actual card these days.

2.  Target Take Charge of Education program

If you shop at Target and use your Target Redcard, just register your card here.  Our school ID is 91572. There are two flavors of Target Redcards, by the way.  Both work.

3. Box Tops for Education program

Box Tops for Education with scissorsWhen you see these labels, cut them out and glue them onto these sheets.  Or (better) cut them out and make your kids glue them to those sheets. Bring completed sheets and give to anyone in the Main Office.  The powers that be at BTfE will not accept clippings sent into the school in bags, unfortunately.

4.  myCoke Rewards program

Whenever you buy a Coke product, save the Rewards number (on cap, on box, etc. in a bag … then when you need a mindless activity, plug the codes into this website.  Use this link to designate the school as recipient of your rewards points.

If you can’t do all of the above right now, please consider printing this post out as a reminder.  Or task your significant other with doing all of the above, since you have better things to do.  And if you can con relatives and friends to sign up, too, that would be grand.


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One Response to Be active in passive fundraisers for Middle School

  1. After 24 hours, we have a total of 2 (two) parents designating the Middle School as their Giant rewards recipient. One of those 2 is me, so really only 1 (one) person has signed up so far. That’s pathetic, folks. Do it for the kids!!

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