Back-to-School-Night part II is tonight (18 Sept) @ 6:30 pm

Tonight is Back-to-School-Night for parents of 7th and 8th graders. You know who you are.

Please bring $10 (cash, or check made payable to “SHMS Home and School Association”) so that you can buy one of the limited edition Student Directories (only 500 printed!).  Proceeds go to a great cause (us), so consider buying 2 — one for the car, perhaps?  In addition to having contact information, directories feature a school calendar for the year and a room number map for all three (3) floors.  Plus the cover art can be colored in, if your kid still likes to do that.  Huge thanks to all the parents who volunteered to staff the directory sales tables tonight.

And also please visit the Strath Haven Spirit Wear table if you want to be the first on your block to sport fresh Spirit Wear.  (Also, you should visit the Spirit Wear table just to admire some nice carpentry — a dad made those garment display stands.)  Huge thanks to Ellen Bernard for volunteering to run the Spirit Wear sales this year (see earlier post if interested in online sales).

Event starts at 6:30 and goes until about 8:45 pm (ish).



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2 Responses to Back-to-School-Night part II is tonight (18 Sept) @ 6:30 pm

  1. johnlenart says:

    thanks question for you – is it a drop-in format or a fixed time with each 7th grade teacher between the 645 and 845 time?

    Regards, John Lenart “The hardest pass to hit is the easiest one. The hardest player to hit is the open one. The game is the greatest teacher, why over complicate it?” Barry Gorman


    • There is a quick hello from principal and Home and School chair, then you visit each teacher in the order in which your child goes through his/her day. So — fixed schedule. You’ll need to get their schedule so you know where to go.

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