Help recruit a co-chair for Home and School

If you know somebody who’d make a good Home and School co-chair for next year, we’d like to know their name.  You can nominate your spouse, your friend, your neighbor…anyone who might enjoy being involved in the Middle School.  After you nominate, we contact them and tell them the details to see whether they might be interested — no pressure.  Or copy the link to this post and paste it into a person’s Facebook profile with the text, “YOU SHOULD DO THIS!!!! YOU’D BE GREAT!!!!!!”  Only requirement is that the person has a student at the Middle School, and would be willing to be co-chair the following year as well…and gets along well with others, etc.  As always, if you’d like to nominate yourself, give us your name and we can then give you the details.   Contact either Marj Hatzell or Tracy Federico.  [Note that chair shown below is not actual chair you get to sit in.  But something like that, perhaps even with tennis balls on the legs.]

Chair (image from

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