Parents of 6th graders, this post’s for you

If you can volunteer some time, the 6th Grade International Week (March 19-22nd) is in urgent need of the following help:

  1. Setting up a continental breakfast (food donated separately) for the presenters each morning by 7:15.  If you are already dropping off a kid early for music program, this “opportunity” is for you!
  2. Assisting our Ancient Cuneiform presenters with set-up and clean-up of clay-based projects.  Messy, but a very valuable experience for the kids.  Wed and Fri 8-11 am.  Need just one person.
  3. Cutting large sheets of paper for sarcophagus covers.  Friday 8-10 am.  Several people needed.

Please contact Meredith Flower at or 610-328-0766 to volunteer.  If you want to ask details before signing up, don’t hesitate to contact her.

sacophagus cover

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