Does your kid lose stuff?

Well, the Main Office collects stuff.  In a drawer.  The current contents include: cell phones, calculator, iPod touch, digital camera, keys, USB key drives, prescription glasses, sunglasses, hair brush, purses, bracelet, earrings, rings, black glove, drill bit. And a lost lost tooth.  New stuff arrives almost daily, so stop by often if you’re looking for something.

SHMS drawer of lost stuff

Click on the images below to see enlarged versions. Email Diane Hannum or Donna Scales if you recognize anything. Or call 610-892-3470 ext 3107 and talk to anyone in the Main Office. Operators are standing by.

Note: Please use a Sharpie to label everything your child owns, right now.  If you want to motivate your child to label things themselves, get them a set of metallic pens, like this.

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