Tips on drinks and drugs

A parent has sent the Home and School Association some locally-produced suggestions on guiding your child away from alcohol and other drugs. You can download the article here: TRI-parenting-drugs.pdf. And you can get further information by visiting the Treatment Research Institute (in Philadelphia).

Not going to read it?  Doesn’t apply to you and your kid?  According to the CDC, 27.8% of US youth report having their first drink before the age of 13.  That percentage reflects those answering truthfully.  And that was in 2003.  In Pennsylvania, the average age that people have their first drink is now 13 (source).  And one out of ten 8th graders report that they binge drink (source).  And popularity increases likelihood of drinking (source), as does being a bully or being bullied (source).  Chances are, you have a kid that fits this profile, and you should read the article.  If you want, of course – we certainly don’t want to bully parents into reading it.


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