Donations in memory of Tyreece Charlow

Logo for Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania organizationIf you’d like to make a contribution in memory of Tyreece, the NPE Parent Teacher Organization is coordinating a donation to Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania (  Please make your check out to NPE PTO with “Tyreece Charlow Fund” in the memo line.  Checks can be dropped off at the Middle School Main Office in envelopes addressed to SHMS Home and School (one of our Chairs will deliver them to NPE PTO).  They are accepting donations until November 21st.


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2 Responses to Donations in memory of Tyreece Charlow

  1. Jennifer Watts says:

    This is absolutely one of the most heartbreaking stories that I have read. The torture and pain that Tyreece felt is beyond sad. There are no words.

  2. joyce B. says:

    when i read this story, i cried for days because this beyond discipline, this was anger. but i pray that God watches over everyone to heal. but we as society need to help take care of and reach each other’s children. we need to get involved in children’s lives, regardless if they are our children or not. we have to learn to see what children will not show and hear what they are saying when they are silent. we just need to take time out for every child.

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