Box Tops for Education

The Home and School Association is actively trying to boost our passive fundraising efforts, and we will be using this website to ask parents to participate — higher participation means more money for the school, without traditional fundraisers.  Our first item to alert you about is the Box Tops for Education (BTFE) campaign, which many of you may remember from elementary school.  Here’s what we’d like all parents to do:

  1. Download and print a collection sheet. (You can also get these sheets in the Main Office.)  Then attach to your refrigerator or prominent wall real estate where it will stay noticed during the school year.
  2. Task your child to police all purchased products for the BTFE emblem.  Tell them it’s their job to clip the emblems and to glue them to the collection sheet.  Your child learned how to clip and glue in preschool, and is probably better at it than you, plus you have better things to do, presumably.
  3. When your child has filled the 50 spaces in a sheet, have your child drop it in the BTFE bin in the Main Office.  Sheets in this bin will be periodically mailed to BTFE headquarters, and they will eventually mail us a check — $5 for every sheet.  That’s not a completely passive fundraiser, but it’s pretty easy money.

Box Tops for Education submission sheet


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